Beach Volleyball Improvements

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 11:30
Leagues Coordinator 

We play hard, but we work even harder to make your Beach Volleyball experience the best EVER in good ol’ Alberta! Below is a list of improvements our staff have been busy with at the Marda Loop (MLCA) and Parkdale (PCA) courts this year and how that benefits YOU:

Improvement Benefit to Players
Ball blockers You dive, you miss, and now you have to shag your ball… Psych – there’s no need to worry because the ball blockers on the North and South sides of the outer courts will help keep your balls within the playing area. They’ll keep your friends’ balls in their area too.
*Marda Loop Courts Only*
Ball quality Balls are inspected throughout each season to ensure players have access to the highest quality. Mikasa es su casa.
Banners and flyers Be in-the-know with upcoming CSSC tournaments and events! And tell your friends, lovers, enemies – tell them all!
Berm The gradual slope keeps your toes stub-free around the outer courts. Keep those toes for another day.
*Marda Loop Courts Only*
Coordinator Maintenance Coordinators are raking the sand and leveling out the court lines on a regular basis. Sand so level, you’ll think you’re indoors! Tan so fresh, you’ll remember you’re not!
CSSC flags and painted birdhouse Take pride in being a CSSC member with easily spotted flags and the classic ‘CSSC’ blue painted birdhouses sheltering scoresheets from the weather. Birds not included.
CSSC tent Seeking shade? No problem with this slick addition. Shade is actually more important than your tan.
Expanded playing surface There’s more room between and around the outer courts – we hope this will cut down on the amount of rogue balls and bodies interrupting games. It’s 2018 and we support consent.
*Marda Loop Courts Only*
Fresh sand Cleaner, softer, better, need we say more? 10” of new sand has been added to the outer courts and all new sand has been added to the inners. Fresh.
*Marda Loop Courts Only*
Gatorade Hydrate with water and Gatorade. H2O’yeah!
More patio furniture Relax, hang-out, and socialize with your pals on the patio. “You don’t have to go home, and we encourage you to stay for a cheer!”
NEW nets High quality and fresh, upgraded equipment. Say it with me again… “Fresh”. So fresh.
NEW posts Embrace the consistent net height. Seas the oppor-tuna-ty to improve your vertical.
NEW shower system Wash off with more than just a hose! Both locations have a knee-height shower with MLCA having one that is full height! It’s 2018 and we welcome you to the future of beach volleyball in the prairies!
Walkway from inner to outer courts Move from the inner to outer courts in style and with ease with the new patio stone walkway. It’s the little details that count.
*Marda Loop Courts Only*

We have even more improvements in the works and can’t wait to show you what we’ve got. If you have a suggestion for what you want to see improved, send it our way via email at! Stay fresh my prairie ballers.