Court Policies and Game Times

  • The CSSC rents all indoor court time from private facilities. As tenants, players must respect the policies of each facility:
    • Alcohol is prohibited inside any facility and in the parking lots.
    • Treat all facility operators and staff with respect. 
    • Areas other than the squash courts at a facility are off limits. Do not wander around the facility.
    • Players must wear clean, non-marking shoes. No outside shoes allowed. 
    • Players are expected to clean up after themselves.
    • Players are responsible for property damage that they cause inside or outside of a facility.
  • Any player who causes the CSSC to receive a complaint regarding an indoor facility rented by the CSSC will receive a $100 fine and may be ejected from the League. 
  • Indoor game times range from 6:00pm - 9:00pm, depending on facility availability. The CSSC will always attempt to ensure a fair distribution of game start times across all teams within a division when building a schedule.
  • Please arrive at the facility 15 minutes before your scheduled game time to allow time to warm-up or stretch. Some facilities will not allow access to the courts until the exact game start time. Please respect other users who might have booked the courts prior to your game starting. If at game time other users are still on the squash courts, please find the facility operator or staff member to gain access to the the courts.


Equipment Racquet  Squash 
Provided by the CSSC No Yes No No
Required of Players Yes No Yes Yes
  • Players must bring their own racquets to the facility.
  • The CSSC will provide each team with 2 double yellow dot balls at the start of the season.
    • Teams are welcome to use a different ball, as long as both captains agree prior to the start of the game.
  • Some facilities may have protective eyewear available to rent / use, but the CSSC encourages players to bring their own. Protective eyewear is mandatory at some squash facilities.
  • All players must bring a pair of clean, non-marking shoes to the facility.