Team of the Week

The CSSC Team of the Week program is all about recognizing teams that are dedicated to positive sportsmanship and playing with a fun-first mentality.

How it works: Each week throughout the season the CSSC will recognize one team for their positive attitude and great sporting behavior. To be eligible, teams must first be nominated for the Lady Bing Award in a given season. All nominated teams will then have a chance to submit a photo and a short biography in order to be eligible for a Team of the Week Prize.

Prize: Each Team of the Week winner will get a shout-out on CSSC social media and also receive a $100 gift card to a CSSC Sponsor Bar.

You can help us recognize great sportsmanship by nominating a team for the Lady Bing Award. Click here to nominate a team!


Team Bio
Captain: Tesni Thomas

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 3
Nominated by: Angela Crotty
History: Our team has played 3 seasons with the CSSC, and is named after the Juggernaut…  but with a softball twist so obviously cooler! Were kind of like a cracker jack box, you never know who or what you’re going to get, but we always show up ready to play. Our favorite aspect of the game is chirping our own team members, because it’s so much more fun when you can give each other a hard time! We do have nicknames on the back of our shirts, some of them obviously cooler than others  


Team Bio
Pitches Be Crazy  
Captain: Stacey Hogan

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 (Rookie Season!)
Nominated by: Tyler D
History: We are a newly formed team playing for the first time in the Spring 2019 season. Our fav thing about softball is the social aspect of the sport and that it allows people of all skill levels to play. We have been having a lot of fun so far and hope to continue playing for many seasons to come! 

Team Bio
No Skill All Chill   
Captain: Dylan Rama

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational A Multi-Sport
Seasons in the CSSC: 10+
Nominated by: Matt Armstrong
History: We have played some variation of multi-sport for something like ten seasons now at least.  The current members of the squad are me (Dylan), Sara, Allie, Taylor, Shayla, Matt Hall, Matt Little, Justin (Murph), Rob, Kyle, and Simon.  The Matts, Sara, Allie, Simon, and myself have been playing on this team for something like 5 years now I think.  Our old name, which was some variation of 'Duck, Duck, Sports'; or 'Sport Sport Goose', came from the first time we signed up for multi-sport as individuals and the name we were given was 'Sports! Sports! Sports!'.  We made some changes from there, basically.  We like multi-sport because it gives us a good variety, and even though some weeks aren't your favourite sport, its always a good time.

Team Bio
Captain: Vanessa Tran

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Ball Hockey
Seasons in the CSSC: 10+
Nominated by: Kyle Cook
History: We have been playing on and off as a ball hockey team since Summer 2014. We started off as "Squirtle Squad", then transitioned to "Hydrophobia" and finally "Phobophobia". We come together as a team every summer to play our favourite sport. It's a great way for us to catch up and hang out with our friends during the warmer months. 

Team Bio
Bronze V 
Captain: William Kwok

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Ball Hockey 
Seasons in the CSSC: 6
Nominated by: Mark Suchlandt
History: From the left to right we have Evan, Aaron, Elaine, Brett, William, Raymon, Marek, Jobelle, Henry, Andy, and Joanne. Missing in our team photo are Pat, Fidelia, and our main goalie Harjot. The origin of our team name comes from a video game called League of Legends. We wanted to start off humble and at the bottom, and at the time “Bronze V” was the lowest rank in the game. I think naming helped in convincing and welcoming our new players at the time to the sport and set up our success in keeping a light hearted but competitive and constructive team setting. Our team has played 6 seasons with CSSC. Our favourite aspect of playing floor hockey in the CSSC is getting the chance to spend quality time, building team chemistry, and watching our core team grow. Our latest accomplishment was reaching the finals last season which was a major shock but well deserved for our team who puts in their best, and keeps our spirits high even when considered the underdogs (or at least as our team name would suggest).

Team Bio
Baby Belugas
Captain: Liam May

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Multi-Sport
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 (Rookie Season!)
Nominated by: Jon Diment
History: Hi everyone, we are the Baby Belugas! This is our first season as a formal team after graduating from individual team status. Our favourite part about our team is that we get to play a new sport each week and then after each game we go discover a new place to socialize. As many of our team-members moved to Calgary we have grown as friends, thus leading to experiencing other team activities on the weekends. Why we are named the Baby Belugas is because after each game we have a stuffed “trophy” that we give to the Beluga Player of the Game (Super cool, I know!)  The members on our team are Julia, Celia, Alisha, Jake, Landon, Edbert, Lawrence, Ermin, Mike, Liam, and Tammy!

Team Bio
Buk Hockey

Captain: Seema King

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational A Ball Hockey 
Seasons in the CSSC: 10+
Nominated by: Kyle Cook
History: Buk Hockey is made up of 8 guys and 6 girls each with their own special talents and abilities.  The six girls, Erin(“The Moves”), Jen(“The Pirate”), Stacy(“The Handler”), Seema(“The Bruiser”), Emily (“The Bait”), Mel (“The Fluffer”) were friends in a tight inner circle who first began the team.  The boys, Connor (“Flash”), Mike H.(“Bulls Eye”), Braden (“short stick”), Mike J (“The Finisher”), Nic (“Big stick”), Dylan (“The invisible man”), Ashton (“Quick Shoot”), and the goaltender Anthony (“The Ground ”) were initially outsiders but eventually came together as a team. 

We have now played together as a team for over 3 years playing every season with a mix of floor hockey multiple days a week and soccer. Although our performance has at times been lacking, we seem to end up always finishing on a strong note with teamwork and fun as our main priority.   We play floor hockey through the CSSC to get out and socialize as a group, however, to our surprise, our hockey team performed much better than expected due to the shot blocking capability of our girls who would willingly drop to their knees to stop a hard incoming shot from hitting “The Ground”.   The boys, who can’t quite keep up to the stamina and eagerness of the girls, are still getting more and more practice and improving with each game.

We hope to continue to play together for many more years to come, rather in Floor Hockey or any of the multiple other sports provided by the CSSC.  We sincerely appreciate being selected for the Lady Bing and hope to continue playing with a ‘fun-first’ attitude to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.  


Team Bio
The Dodgefathers

Captain: Leah Abday

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Dodgeball 
Seasons in the CSSC: 5+
Nominated by: Nicole MacInnis
History: Our team, The Dodgefathers, has been playing together for about three years. We play fall/winter seasons to seasons active in the cold weather. The whole reason we play is to have fun! Our team values fair play, and equal playing time between males and females. This team picture was taken this year at Halloween.  We dressed up for our game. 

Team Bio
Sweep DMC 

Captain: Amanda Delamer

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Curling 
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 (Rookie Season!) 
Nominated by: Oliver Roenitz
History: Team Sweep DMC has a long and vibrant history as curlers - there curling career began in September 2019. They took the Thursday night league by storm. Decked out in Adidas, gold chains and boom box on shoulder, Ivan, Amanda, Sarah and Rob “rocked” out each week. Every time they stepped out on the sheet, the curling community would hear “cuz it’s like that, and that’s the way it is”. Their children still do not understand the awesomeness and history behind their team name, and insist that the Infinity Stones would have been much cooler.