Ball Hockey Rule Updates

Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 16:20
Caitlin Richler
Senior Marketing Manager

Are you ready to tickle some twine while wearing your hockey gloves? Do you hate being glued to your small crease area? Well, have no fear, your rule updates are here! Thanks to those who completed our most recent Ball Hockey Survey, sent out a few months ago. We analyzed every result and are thrilled to launch a multitude of new and exciting changes to our Ball Hockey leagues, starting this Fall. Read on for the highlights, or click this link to view the complete rulebook: Ball Hockey Rulebook.

  • HOCKEY GLOVES: Glove up! You are now allowed to wear your Ice/Ball Hockey or Lacrosse gloves if you feel like adding some extra protection for your hands.
  • GOALIE CREASES: You're free! Goalies now have free reign to leave the crease and play the ball.
  • EXTRA ATTACKER: Teams now have the option to pull their goaltender for an extra player (can be any gender) in an attempt to even the score.
  • HIGH STICKING: The definition of a high-stick remains the same, but players will no longer be called for a high-sticking infraction that is not part of the play.
  • SHORT-HANDED PLAYS: We've adjusted and re-worded our penalty format.
    • WARNING: Given for minor offences or first-time occurrences.
    • MINOR: Results in the player sitting off for two minutes, and the team is shorthanded.
    • GAME MISCONDUCT: Results in the player being ejected from the game, and the team is short-handed for two minutes.

Have fun out there!