Game Format

  • All Kickball Leagues are single-opponent; teams will play one game per week.
  • All Kickball Leagues are self-officiated.
  • All Kickball Leagues use a weekly time slot of 1.50 hours.
    • Each Kickball game is 9 innings in length.

Season Length

  • All 8 Week Kickball Leagues use the following structure:
    • 6 weeks of regular season games.
    • 2 weeks of playoff games
  • There may be instances where due to rain-outs the season is extended by 1-2 weeks.


  • Playoff Format: Spring / Summer (8 Week)
    • All teams are guaranteed 2 playoff games.
    • Only the Top 4 teams will compete for the League Championship.
  • ​Playoff Format: Fall (5 Week)
    • All teams are guaranteed 1 playoff game.
    • Only the Top 2 teams will compete for the League Championship.
  • League champs will receive t-shirts that can be picked up from the Season-end Party.
  • There are no ties in playoffs. 
    • If the score is tied at the end of 9 innings, one or more extra innings will be played:
      • Both teams get a chance to kick. If after 1 extra inning the game is still tied, the next extra inning(s) will be played using the “International Scoring Rule.”
        • International Scoring Rule: Each team (when kicking) will start with the player who was the final out of the previous inning on 2nd base, then proceed as normal from there. 


 Format Ideal Roster Size
(F) = Female
Total # of Players
required on the field
Total # of Females
required on the field
Max # of M/X
Allowed on the field
10 vs. 10 12-14 (5 F) 10 3 7
  • When registering a full team, there is no limit to the maximum number of players you can have on the roster.
  • Prior to the first game of the season, teams must have 10 players confirmed on the roster in MyCSSC. This number is equal to the total number of players required on the field in the above chart.
    • If the minimum amount of confirmed roster players is not met, the team will receive a loss for every game played until the requirement is met.
    • Minimum female requirements are inclusive of anyone who identifies as female (i.e. players who identify as M or X do not count towards F minimums).
  • Prior to the first playoff game, teams must have all players who are playing in the playoff game(s) displayed as part of the confirmed roster in MyCSSC.
    • If this requirement is not met, teams will receive an automatic loss and will not be eligible for the championship.
  • A team may bring in subs that are not listed on the roster. To learn more about the sub policies, click here.