Grass Volleyball Court Policies

The CSSC rents Athletic Park green space from the City of Calgary in order to operate the Grass Volleyball Leagues. As tenants, players must respect the standards and rules of the Athletic Park:

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking is prohibited on or around the grass volleyball courts, or in the parking lots. Offending players are subject to the CSSC Facility fine policy, by-law fines from the City or removal from CSSC Leagues.
  • Public urination is illegal and players are expected to use the washroom facilities provided. Washrooms are located inside the Frank McCool Arena or the Lake Bonavista Arena, both of which are located adjacent to the courts.
  • All public by-laws apply when using the grass courts; including, excessive noise or music, offensive language, littering, etc.
  • Players should be respectful to homeowners, community residents or anyone else who is sharing the courts or surrounding area.
  • Players are responsible for property damage they cause including surrounding houses, cars or property.

Any player who causes the CSSC to receive a complaint regarding a field rented by the CSSC will receive a $100 fine and may be ejected from the League. 

Grass Volleyball Locations and Times

  • Outdoor game start times range from 6:30 pm-7:00 pm, depending on the time of year and sunlight. When sunlight allows, the CSSC will push game start times back in order to allow teams more time to get to the courts.
  • Players should arrive at the courts 15 minutes before their scheduled game time to allow time to warm-up, change and stretch. 


  • All Grass Volleyball Equipment is stored at the facility.
  • The On-site Coordinator will ensure that each court is set-up with the appropriate equipment prior to the start of games each week.
  • We encourage players and teams to help tear-down the courts at the conclusion of the last match. The On-site Coordinator will assist with the tear-down of the courts.