The CSSC hires a Grass Volleyball Coordinator each season to manage the Grass Volleyball games. The Coordinator is a paid employee who is responsible for a variety of tasks that are outlined below.

On-site Coordinator Roles

The primary roles of the Coordinator are:

  • Arrive at the facility prior to game start times to ensure that all courts are set-up and ready for use.
  • Manage the equipment at the facility and ensure that all of the equipment is in good working condition.
  • Conduct weekly pre-game announcements and answer any questions that the players may have.
  • Ensure that the matches run on time and that teams are recording scores throughout the night.
  • Ensure that facility guidelines are being met (no alcohol consumption, keeping courts and surrounding area clean).
  • Act as the on-site contact and club representative.
  • Coordinate the take down of nets and equipment at the end of the booking (with help from the players).
  • Ensure that the players leave the facility on time.
  • Report scores online the following day.

Helping the Coordinator

Players can help the Coordinator at the facility by doing the following:

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to game time and be ready to start on time.
  • Provide the Coordinator with their undivided attention when the announcements are being read.
  • Start and end each match on time.
  • Record the game results on the score sheet after each game/match.
  • Help pack up the equipment and take down the courts after the final games are played.
  • Clean up after themselves.
  • Leave the facility promptly after the games have concluded.